Hybrid Brows Training

Are you a microblading artist looking for add-on services to offer your clients?

Do you want to increase your revenue, while offering your clients the most innovative brow techniques?

Become a Hybrid Brows Certified Artist and distinguish yourself from the rest of the microblading industry with this custom all-in-one brow tattoo!




Why Offer Hybrid Brows?

Microblading is the hottest trend in the beauty industry and other types of brow tattoos are becoming more and more popular:

  1. With ONE device, you can now offer your clients all of the latest brow styles!
    • Microblading
    • Microshading
    • Ombre Brows
    • Nano Brows
    • Powder Brows
    • Combo Brows
  2. Increase your profits and attract more clients!
    • Offer Hybrid Brows as an upgrade to microblading or as a separate service
    • Make up to an extra $200 Per Client  x  5 New Clients Per Week  x  50 Weeks In A Year (2 Weeks Off For Vacation)
      =  Increase your current profits by an extra $50,000/year!
    • Past clients will return for touch ups to try a different brow style
  3.  Give yourself an edge over the competition!
    • Be one of the first microbladers in your area to offer Hybrid Brows to your clients
    • Become "Hybrid Brows Certified" and put the badge on your website. Clients will see that you're not just a microblading artist- you're a Hybrid Brows Artist!
    • Your name and business will be added to the database of Hybrid Brows Certified Artists on our website, so clients who do a search in your area can find you

Who Can Take This Course?

This advanced course is open to anyone who is a licensed tattoo artist and certified microblading artist. You will be required to send us a copy of your tattoo license, microblading certificate, and photo ID for verification.



Topics covered during this advanced course will include:

  • Parts and features of the machine
  • Needle types and benefits
  • Ideal candidates for each type of brow tattoo
  • Pros and cons of each type of brow tattoo
  • How to control pigment flow for better ombre and layering effect
  • Proper stretching of the skin
  • Speed, depth, and pressure
  • Where to buy supplies
  • Troubleshooting

Please note that this course will NOT cover the basics of microblading.


Practice On a Live Model

Trainees will be required to bring ONE model of their choice to practice a combination of different eyebrow tattoo styles under Janice's supervision.

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